RSOBHD Code of Ethics Changes for Social Media

We have become aware of inappropriate comments and statements posted on Social Media platforms which undermines the RSOBHD Code of Ethics.

All participants – which includes Judges, Teachers, Organisers, Parents, Dancers and all parties connected with dancers – are bound by the RSOBHD Code of Ethics which is signed on an annual basis and confirms they are agreeing to the content of the document.

Please ensure when commenting on, or making statements, on Social Media that you have fully considered the potential impact. This also includes comments and statements made in private messages. As stated within the RSOBHD Code of Ethics – please ensure you have made yourself aware of the Social Media Guidance provided by the RSOBHD.

This has been agreed and issued jointly by the RSOBHD, Affiliated Bodies (ABHDI, FUSTA/ScotDance USA, OBHD(SA), ScotDance Canada and ScotDance New Zealand) and Examining Bodies (BATD, SDTA, UKAdance).